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South China Normal University is one of the key universities in national “Project 211” co-sponsored by province and ministry. It is also known as a key university of high level university construction of Guangdong province. The School of Economics and Management boasts a long history of subject development. Many well-known scholars such as Guo Dali, an economist and translator, and Tang Zaixin, an economist, taught here and contributed a lot. The discipline of Economics, entered the project of construction of key discipline group of Guangdong high level universities in 2015, has been included in key construction in “Project 211” for three consecutive periods.



At present, there are eight departments in the school, which are Economics, Finance, International Economy and Trade, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Accounting, E-commerce, Information Management. In the school, there are also three physical institutes on Economics, Marxism Economics and Economic behavior science. In addition, there are also MBA Education Center, Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center on Economics and Management.



The school has developed greatly in many aspects such as discipline construction, academic research, personnel training, faculty construction, conditions creating et al., and now a discipline group has been formed with distinct characteristics and outstanding advantages. The school’s authorized stations or centers are as follows: two mobile station of theoretic economics and applied economics for post-doctors; one doctorate authorized stations of applied economics; four mastership authorized stations of the first level discipline of theoretic economics, applied economics, business administration and library science; five professional degree authorized points of Master of Finance, Master of Business Administration(MBA), Master of Education(Financial and vocational education), Master of Accounting and Master of International Business; eleven undergraduate specialties and one full-English specialty. The subject of theoretic economy is a key one in Guangdong Province, and the South China Market Economy Research Center is a key center for humanities and social science research in Guangdong. Now a complete personnel training system has been formed in the fields of economics and management, which consists of all levels of higher education, namely, the bachelor’s, the master’s degree, and the doctoral degree. And besides this, there is a mobile station for post-doctors. The school has become an important academic and personnel-training base of economics and management in South China.


   学院师资力量雄厚,有专任教师116人,99%以上专职教师拥有博士学位。研究团队注重立足中国特别是先行一步的广东改革发展实践bb滚球王研究,在多个专业领域内取得了丰硕的研究成果。近年来,在Journal of Comparative EconomicsJournal of Regional ScienceChina Economic ReviewEconomic ModellingContemporary Economic Policy等国际SSCI期刊发表20余篇高质量论文,在《中国社会科学》、《经济研究》、《管理世界》、《马克思主义研究》等国内权威期刊发表论文40余篇,获批国家级科研项目40余项,并有30多项科研成果获得省部级以上科研奖励,学术声誉不断提升。

The teaching staff of the school is of great strength with 116 specialized teachers and over 99% of them have doctoral degrees. The research team focus domestically especially on the research of the practice in reform and development of Guangdong province. The team has achieved tremendous success in recent years: over 20 high-quality papers on international SSCI journal(Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Regional Science, China Economic Review, Economic Modelling, Contemporary Economic Policy); over 40 papers on distinguished domestic journals(Social Science in China, Economic Research Journal, Management World, Studies On Marxism). Over 40 national research projects have been authorized. More than 30 achievements were awarded at and above the provincial and ministerial level. Academic reputation continues to improve.



Teachers and students of the school is currently with enthusiasm, rigorous and pragmatic attitude and innovative spirit to actively seize the opportunity in the construction of the "double first-class" university and Guangdong Province high level university to achieve a new level of college development in the period of the 13th plan of five-year national development.


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