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题目: bb滚球王The Effects of Female Peers on Students' Educational and Occupational Expectations

时间: 2020年6月25日(周四)14:00

地点: 腾讯会议

会议 ID: 313 333 308

会议密码: 491685

主讲人: 罗艺旸


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 摘要: bb滚球王We present in this paper evidence about the effects and mechanisms of gender peer effects on students' educational and occupational expectations. For identification, we rely on the random assignment of students to classrooms within schools. Our findings suggest that having a higher proportion of girls in class increases boys' and girls' probability of expecting to attend university, and pursue a career as a manager. The effects on expecting to be a teacher, doctor, or lawyer are negative. Potential channels include changes in students' social acclimation, teachers’ behavior, students’ extracurricular activities and hobbies, academic performance and course learning experience.  A further explore of channels suggest that the peer effects are driven by both changes in gender composition and adjustments in individual behavior.

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